SELC Job Finding Skill Workshops

Job Finding Skills Workshops

SELC offers Friday Afternoon Job Finding Skills Workshops specially designed for the needs of working holidaymakers who intend to search for employment during or after their English study with us. These afternoon sessions are also available to student visa holders who are eligible to work for up to 20 hours per week while attending SELC classes and for longer hours during their study break or for the 4-week period at the end of their study before returning home.

Job Finding Skills Workshops Include

  • An introduction to the local and national market for job seekers form abroad on different visas
  • Skills-matching to assist students to recognise their abilities and potential opportunities as an international job seeker
  • Tips for searching for work online and locally
  • Assistance with preparation of resumes and cover letters
  • Phone and face-to-face interview skills preparation

Job Assistance Package

SELC has partnerships with Job Assistance Providers which can help students on Working Holiday Visas to find employment in Sydney as well as many locations throughout Australia with offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth plus New Zealand and Canada. For a membership fee Working Holiday Visa holders are offered:

  • Welcome, Travel and Job Presentations with multilingual staff at all offices
  • 12-month access to national job database and 12 month job assistance
  • Bank account and TAX Number registration (TFN/IRD/SIN)
  • Free luggage storage in Sydney, Auckland and Vancouver

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