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  • How much does the course cost?
  • Do I need an USI?
  • What are ELC’s Terms and Conditions?
  • What documents do I need to enrol at ELC?

The applicable course fees are listed on each course page. See our programs fees section for details on all fees that could apply during your course.

Students are required to apply for a Unique Student Identifier (USI) and share this number with the SELC administration team. Students without a verified USI are not permitted to receive a certificate or statement of attainment for their qualification. You can apply for it at

Click here to read SELC’s current Terms and Conditions

Our courses are open to all adults 18 and over. You will need to fill our enrolment form available
online or as a pdf and send it together with a successful completion of Australian Year 12 or
international equivalent and your IELTS proficiency of 5.5 or above (or equivalency). Some courses
have additional Pre-requisites. Please check our course page for your preferred course and the
specific requirements.

  • Can I join several courses?

Many of our students combine different courses throughout their studies with us. It is common for students to start their studies at the certificate level, making their way to the Diploma and Advanced Diploma later.

  • How do I appeal a decision made by SELC?
  • Can I take a holiday during my course?
  • Can I cancel my booking?
  • Can I defer my studies?
  • Do I need to attend all my classes?

Please see our appeals procedure in our student handbook

Our structured in 12 weeks terms. Each term will have 9 weeks of studies and 3 weeks of breaks which can be used as holidays or a time to resubmit assignments if needed.

Please see our course cancellation and refund policy here

Please see our deferment policies here

Please see our attendance and progress policies in our student handbook 

  • When do I need to pay?
  • How can I pay?

Payment is usually required 8 weeks before you start your course. However, depending on the extra services you would like us to arrange for you (such as accommodation or work program) your payment may be required earlier. In any case, your payment due date will be stated on your invoice and a confirmed place at SELC will be secured once all fees have been received as outlined on your invoice.

SELC accepts many forms of payments, including international bank cheque, credit card and direct deposit. SELC holds an account with two international student payment online platforms: Flywire and NexPay. These platforms offer excellence terms and might save you currency conversion and transfer fees. Visit their websites and follow the prompts to calculate how much you could save. To pay with Flywire, visit their website here. To pay with Nexpay, visit their website and sign up here.

If you are already in Sydney at the time of enrolment, you could also come to pay in cash. 

  • What should I bring on my first day?
  • What time should I arrive at SELC on my first day?

Please bring your passport, a copy of your visa and your own laptop for the classes. You can bring lunch and place it in the fridge in the student kitchen when you arrive, or you will be able to buy lunch from any of the shops in the food court just across the road.

You should receive a timetable 3 weeks prior to your course start date. Please have in mind that you will have to attend a mandatory orientation session one week prior to your course commencement date. Please contact us at if you have not received it

  • What are my visa options?
  • Can you give me visa advice?

Due to the length of our vocational courses,  you are required to apply for a Student Visa. You can find more information on Student visas on the DHA website

fortunately not, but you can find an educational agency who can assist you in the following website 

  • Can I work in Australia?

With the student visa you are allowed to work 40 hours in a 2-week period to help you with your expenses. For more information go to

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