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Log onto your student portal to update your contact details or view your attendance, timetable or results.

Student Portal

Student Handbook

Download the latest version of your student handbook for information on studying at SELC, your enrolment conditions, your student rights and responsibilities, living in Australia, your wellbeing and who to contact for assistance.

Student Handbook

Who should I talk to?

If you have a question, problem or complaint, please talk to the person listed below.
Who you should meet with depends on the subject:

Subject Person
Visa / Enrolment

Admissions Manager

Please ask at reception to make an appointment with our admissions manager

Accommodation(including Homestay and student houses)

Accommodation Manager

Please ask at reception to make an appointment with our accommodation manager

Class / Course
Speak with your teacher or ask at reception to make an appointment with your program coordinator
Academic (further study)
Ask at reception to make an appointment with your program coordinator
Personal / Welfare / Social
Ask at reception to make an appointment with our Student Services Manager
What if my problem hasn't been solved?

SELC has procedures in place which set out the steps that you can follow if your problem hasn’t been solved. You may refer to your student handbook or see the “Student Complaints Policy and Procedure” document in the next section for details.

View and download forms, policy and procedure documents.

Policies & Procedures
  • Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) policy

  • Academic and Non-Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure

  • Attendance Policy and Procedure

  • Course Progress Policy and Procedure

  • Deferral, Suspension & Cancellation of Study Policy and Procedure

  • English Language Assessment Policy and Procedure

  • Fees Policy

  • Issuing Qualifications Policy and Procedure

  • Management of Personal Information Policy

  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy Policy

  • Marketing, Agents and Representatives Policy

  • Monitoring Partnerships Arrangements Policy and Procedure

  • Student Admissions Policy

  • Student Agreements and Refund Conditions Policy and Procedure

  • Student Assessment Appeals Policy and Procedure

  • Student Complaints and Resolution Policy

  • Student Orientation Policy and Procedure

  • Student Release/Transfer Policy and Procedure

  • Care of students under 18 years Policy

  • Tuition Protection Service Policy

  • Work Health and Safety Policy

  • SELC Cancellation Request form

  • SELC Change of Agent Request Form

  • SELC Change or Deferral Request form

  • SELC Document Release Authorisation form

  • SELC Refund Request Form

  • SELC Transfer Request form