Career Pathway Program

SELC students benefit from SELC’s Career Advisor, who can provide students with advice on adjusting to the workplace in Australia.
SELC offers a wide range of study pathways to Universities and Colleges, including SELC Career College Australia.
At SELC Career College, students have the opportunity to learn from qualified trainers with up-to-date industry experience.
Students from both the language and career college benefit from SELC’s Career Advisor who, upon their arrival, ill provide students with advice on adjusting to the workplace in Australia.
As part of our Career Pathway Program, SELC organises workshops with industry professionals, assists students with their CV, job-seeking and applications, and interview techniques.

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Career Pathway Program Services

As part of this exclusive SELC program, students have access to a wide range of services including:

  • One-to-One or small group discussions on career and education options with a view to identifying and addressing skills gaps.
  • Strategic support for employment, education and training.
  • Assistance with CV, job seeking, applications and interview techniques.
  • Workshops with industry professionals. Seminars and presentations on all aspects of career, work and professional development.
  • Assistance with pathways to colleges and universities for further studies in vocational and higher education courses.
  • Assistance with arranging interviews to organise internships, work experience and paid employment.

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