About SELC: since 1985

Over the last thirty years, SELC has developed its own unique educational experience, which separates us from larger, less personal schools in Australia and internationally.

SELC was founded in 1985 in Sydney, making it one of the longest-established schools in Australia. SELC Canada opened its doors in Vancouver in 2012 and since then SELC Vancouver has developed its own unique culture and atmosphere. SELC also has Career Colleges in both Sydney and Vancouver. As the world faces a global skills shortage, SELC seeks to meet the demand for quality vocational education and training closely linked to industry.

Our innovative language and vocational programs are designed to ensure that SELC graduates have a distinctive experience to be able to have both fulfilling careers and lives.

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Quality and Services

We’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for at SELC.

For over 30 years, SELC has maintained its reputation as a leading English language college with a long history of offering professionally developed specialised and traditional English courses.

We invest in excellent teachers, ensuring that all SELC’s programs are of the highest quality and that our learning environment is the best possible. We hope you will take the opportunity to learn and grow with SELC!

At SELC, we understand that different students have different needs when it comes to language learning, accommodation, and services.

English Only Policy- Learn to think in English

Arriving at SELC

When students arrive at SELC for their first day orientation we begin their introduction to Australian lifestyle and culture by providing encouragement to begin ‘thinking in English’ both in and outside the classroom, ‘immersing’ themselves in the language.

Inside SELC our English Only policy is positively reinforced and students are rewarded for interacting in English with our friendly teachers and staff as well as students from other nationalities but most importantly with students from their own nationality at all times.

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Student Services

The reception is available for students currently studying at SELC and provides a wide range of services.

An in-house Accommodation Department offering homestay and other accommodation options.

An Academic Counselling Service to assist students who want to do further study in Australia.

A lively social activities program for students to enjoy life in and around Sydney with their teachers and new friends.

The reception is available for students currently studying at SELC and provides a wide range of services.

Great Locations & Facilities

Located in the heart of Sydney’s East.

A comfortable learning environment located in the heart of Sydney’s East, close to Bondi Beach and green spaces, only minutes from public transport and excellent shopping.

 Close to many famous Sydney tourist landmarks, making it easy to explore the best that Sydney has to offer.

Bondi to Coogee walk Sydney's Eastern Suburbs
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Easy to Enrol

Courses starts every Monday.

You can enrol online, e-mail, or directly at our student reception.

And if you have any questions, enquire here.

Call Us: (61-2) 8305-5600